Sew exciting!

So, I signed up for a 10 week ‘Sewing for Beginners’ at the Bristol Folk House at the end of December. And last Thursday was week 1.

Feeling apprehensive and excited in equal measure, I left work early and trudged up Park Street for the 5:30pm start. Thanks to Amy, I felt just the way I used to as a teenager when I started a new year at school; I had all of the relevant tools and equipment (including the correct quantity of fabric, lining, type of zip and thread for my first project), and I was pretty damn excited to get going.

Karen, the course leader — and wedding dress designer by day — asked each student what they hoped to achieve from the class and if we had any prior experience. Between myself and the other four women, there was a broad scope from nothing at all to owning a sewing machine and already having made some items.

The class then began with some basics about sewing; types of fabric, where to buy, some terminology. Next came how to set up a sewing machine and experimenting with different stitches. Some of the other girls’ attempts were very neat. Mine, on the other hand, was just a little haphazard:

The main section of the class was to begin our very first project; a scissor bag/pouch using some provided fabric. This involved sewing along three sides of two rectangular pieces of fabric to create a pocket or pouch.

I’m sure to many this pouch is very little to be impressed by. But, considering two hours prior, I didn’t know my arse from my elbow in terms of machine sewing never mind how to set one up, I was more than happy to walk away with just a pouch. The final step is the addition of a button and button-hole.

When 7:30pm rolled around, I really didn’t want to leave. And you know, one of the best things about it is feeling like a ‘student’ again. I really do enjoy learning! I have subsequently spent many an hour on Pinterest and the internet drooling over fabrics.

Today, I shall return — with the button I have chosen for step two — and I cannot wait!


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