Sewing “Saturday” and a birthday

Again, it’s not Saturday, is it? I swear it isn’t going to be like this every week. But I was rather distracted this weekend. Why? Well, this happened:

I promise I was happier than this in all of the other photos! 

On Saturday evening, my housemate Amy and I hosted a dinner party to celebrate my birthday with our friends. She also bought me a surprise and scrumptious birthday cake! The candles seem to be producing a phenomenally large amount of fire/light. They weren’t. They were totally ordinary candles, producing a totally ordinary amount of fire/light. Nor were there 29 of them. But then, I still look the same as when I was actually 16 so that many candles were somewhat appropriate.

My actual birthday was on Sunday and I received some wonderful gifts including a Kindle (!), a snood I’ve barely taken off since, a cactus (because it was “small and prickly, like me”), some wonderful Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries, fabric, a sewing book, books, and money. The rest of the day featured a Wagamama lunch, purchase of a Kindle case, some fabric shopping and a new Belgian crime drama on BBC Four called Salamander to replace The Bridge.

Today, we’ve had the day off work so Amy and I decided to have a ‘sewing day’. With the spotted fat quarters my sister bought me, I made a teal buttoned pocket for my Kindle and started a red placemat to sit under my sewing machine. I just need to get some bias tape to go around the edges. Next up, this Thursday in sewing class, we shall start making cushions. I discovered this beautiful grey, charcoal and gold poppy fabric and even at £13 a metre, I just had to have it. OK, two metres of it. Ssh!

How was everyone else’s weekend?


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