Wardrobe Architect 2015: style, shape and silhouettes

Wow, 2015 is moving so fast! How is it March tomorrow?! Arriving late to the Wardrobe Architect party hosted by Coletterie meant I had to pretty swiftly work my way through the posts and exercises for January and February, weeks 1-8. Today’s post looks at January: defining my core style by exploring shapes and silhouettes.


My core style

After catching up with weeks 1 and 2, and following the suggested exercises, I outlined how my history, activities and body have shaped my core style. And then chose 3-5 words that I thought described me and my style. It turns out, choosing so few words is difficult but in the end I narrowed it down to: classic, simple, tailored, tessellate, monochrome. They’re pretty self-explanatory really apart from, perhaps, the last two. Some of my favourite styles involve tessellated patterns but I also very much like monochrome elements. I considered monochrome by itself to be quite restrictive, especially as people often take this to mean black and/or white. It doesn’t; monochrome simply means one colour.

Exploring Shapes

On we moved to week 3 and exploring shapes. Upon close inspection, it turns out that I feel most comfortable wearing somewhat fitted, mid-thigh length skirts and dresses which have a natural waistline; cardigans and tops which fall just above my hips; and long, fitted trousers also with a natural waistline.

Necklines and sleeves were a trickier customer. Cowl neckline? I basically hate it! V-neck all the way, although boat- and scoop-neck come a close second. Short and above-elbow sleeves are my favourite, whilst a spaghetti strap really does next-to-nothing for me.

Building Silhouettes

As suggested in week 4, I began building silhouettes based on what I’d already learnt: my core style and preferred shapes.  As recommended, I used Polyvore for this. I’d registered for a Polyvore account sometime ago but I’ll be honest, didn’t understand what it was really all about. For ages, I’d been wondering how people made those swanky outfit sets! Obviously not putting two and two together. I am now in the land of the blogging, so moving on. The Coletterie post referred to ‘several silhouettes’; I produced 8 that are a good reflection of my style and what I wear on a day-to-day basis.

Silhouette 1

Silhouette 1 | A skirt with a natural waist and flared fit, paired with a light blouse or shirt is one of my favourite outfits. Fabric: a patterned fabric for the skirt and a plain blouse, or vice versa. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter with tights.

Silhouette 2

Silhouette 2 | Like the skirts in Silhouette 1, dresses with a natural waist and flared fit make me feel most comfortable. Add a cardigan for a softer look. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter with tights.

Silhouette 3

Silhouette 3 | This is smart work outfit number 1; tailored trousers with a shirt or floaty blouse and optionally, with a cardigan. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter.

Silhouette 4

Silhouette 4 | Shorts made from tweed, houndstooth and similar, paired with tights, brown boots and a colourful blouse is a perfect fall or winter outfit, especially on a Friday for impromptu drinks. Autumn/Winter

Silhouette 5

Silhouette 5 | Smart work outfit number 2: a pencil skirt with a soft blouse tucked-in to accentuate the waist and a cardigan for a warmer outfit in the winter. Fabric: soft suiting for the skirt. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter with tights.

Silhouette 6

Silhouette 6 | Skinny jeans feature heavily in my wardrobe and are often paired with long-hemmed, semi-fitted tops; a blazer in the summer and dressed up with heels. Fabric: geometric prints. Mostly Spring/Summer but Autumn/Winter with closed shoes and scarf.

Silhouette 7

Silhouette 7 | Definitely a going-out look: a body con dress, heels and a leather jacket, or even a blazer. Fabric: geometric prints and cotton sateen or scuba jersey for the dress. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter with tights.

Silhouette 8

Silhouette 8 | Another very casual look with skinny jeans but this time, coloured fabrics. Paired with strips or perhaps a plaid or checked shirt. A cardigan for cooler weather. Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter.

The next Wardrobe Architect post: February and clearing out my closet, and taking an inventory of what currently resides there.

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Image credits

Model drawings. Published under a CC BY 2.0 license

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