Wardrobe Architect 2015: colour, print and beauty

Somewhat later than planned but better late than never; it’s time for another installment of Wardrobe Architect. This time, looking at the colours and prints that make up my wardrobe, and my hair and beauty style.

My colour story

Week 5 introduces you to colour: those you like wearing, are drawn to, have a large amount of, etc. To analyse my colour preferences, I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and like La Dulsa Tina, I used my phone and software (in my case Inkscape) to identify colours. Below are the main 20 colours in my wardrobe.

WAcoloursAnd, following week 6‘s exercise, I have divided these into neutrals, nearly neutrals and statement colours.


The main things I notice are that there is a lot of blue, and an absence of reds, yellows and oranges which is not a surprise to me since my pale skin tone and auburn hair make me avoid them. I was also a little surprised to discover just how little pink (bright, not pale) there is in my wardrobe as it’s a colour I used to wear often when I was younger. Now, that colour appears to be relegated to nail varnish, lipstick and jewellery. Unlike Sarai, I didn’t include metallics, but will regularly add silver and gold to accent my outfit.

Print gallery

Week 7 looks at prints and solid colours: again, those you like wearing, are drawn to, have a large amount of, etc., both in your wardrobe and in your fabric stash. After some thought, I decided:

I would like approximately 30-40% of my wardrobe to be prints of some description. Mostly small-scale, and tonal and subdued prints are my thing. I do enjoy strong, geometric designs, typically with a degree of order so perhaps not too abstract. Prints that might relate to my five style words — classic, simple, tailored, tessellate, monochrome — geometric prints definitely fall into tessellate and potentially also monochromeClassic, simple and tailored are all centered around organic, tonal and subdued prints.

There were six different print categories featured in Coletterie’s week 7 post and my wardrobe and fabric stash features roughly an equal amount of all with one exception: Animal Print. I don’t think I own a single item of animal print fabric or clothing. Here are a selection of prints in my wardrobe and fabric stash.

Stripes, checks and plaids

IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1028 IMG_1030


IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1045

Novelty Print

IMG_1024 IMG_1027 IMG_1031 IMG_1037 IMG_1036


IMG_1038 IMG_1041 IMG_1044


IMG_1029 IMG_1046 IMG_1032
Beauty signatures

Week 8 looks at hair, makeup and beauty: what are your signature choices for your hair and face. My everyday choices would be medium-to-long hair with a side-sweeping fringe; a small amount of bronzer, brown or black eyeliner and a light lipgloss. Below are a few images which reflect that.

19089970834_5b08c470cb_b lips eyes

Finally, just picking up on Sarai’s discussion point from week 8 — what’s your morning beauty routine and how long does it take — from waking up to walking out of the door is around an hour. My hair and makeup are actually quite quick to do and I’d say I only spend about 10 minutes on each. Now I’m wondering how I’m taking an hour?! I could do it in less time probably but I do like to get ready slow, listen to podcasts and have breakfast.

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Image credits
  1. Tudno Media Group. Published under a CC BY-ND 2.0 license
  2. dollarcream. Published under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license
  3. Hanbyul❤. Published under a CC BY 2.0 license

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