Taking Stock #1

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Because surely I can use that as an excuse for borrowing (outright stealing?!) the idea for this blog series from around the blogosphere. There are lots of examples of ‘taking stock’ style posts, mostly featuring a list like this one. But I do much prefer this version from Heather Lou of Closet Case Files.

Since I transitioned over to a sewing/dressmaking blog, rather than my personal blog, I’ve missed sharing my personality as well as my style. So I’ve decided to use Heather Lou’s format as inspiration, I hope she doesn’t mind! Let us begin.

image1 (2)


Blog Talk
  • Last week saw the start of Pattern Review’s 2015 Sewing Bee. They’ve announced the project for Round 1 — a fitted blouse — and I cannot wait to see what everyone has made.
  • Photographing projects can definitely be tricky, especially making them visually appealing. So I can definitely relate to Heather B (Handmade by Heather B) in this interview over on Crafting a Rainbow. It’s so good to know other sewing bloggers struggle with photographing their makes too! It also features some great tips.
  • For UK based sewists, Love Sewing magazine has a new Editor; Amy Thomas of Almond Rock. This interview on The Sewing Directory was a great way to get to know Amy better.
Community & News
  • A recent trip to Portsmouth with ma friends introduced me to Jacob’s Cracker Crisps when someone brought along a couple of packets. They are effing amazing! The thai sweet chilli flavour especially.
  • My favourite podcasts: This American LifeNo Such Thing As A Fish (the most recent episode #77 has a segment about the invention of the button, buttonhole and briefly, the sewing machine) and Lore, which I listen to when I’m getting ready in the morning, walking to work or sewing.
  • This Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song: Downtown, a song about mopeds…? Warning: explicit.

11 thoughts on “Taking Stock #1

  1. I love round up posts like these! I’ll be waiting for the next one. 🙂 Oh, and I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Heather! I think she’s the perfect inspiration because she’s just a normal person, who started off with very normal photos but has really improved them over the years!


    • Thank you Gillian! So glad you like it. Oh yes, the interview with Heather was great. Gave me a great deal of motivation to keep trying with my photos, and to get out and take more of them outside and in public!


  2. Argh Cardamome!! I’ve only just polished off my Bruyere and have another few Daturas in the running… Such a great new collection I’m really tempted!


    • They finally arrived in the post yesterday (I say finally; the post was very quick, I was just impatient) and are just as nice in the flesh. *nods* It is catchy, and definitely makes me smile.


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