Taking Stock #3

A few days later than planned — mainly just due to being incredibly busy at work! — but I’m back for another mostly sewing related round-up.  There’s been so much going on around the place; the sewing-community-place, that I’ve struggled to keep up, never mind choose! I’ve certainly been swooning a lot. Also, since we had Halloween, I thought I’d add a category for that plus a new Fabric category too.

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Blog Talk
  • Photographing projects, sewing or otherwise, can be tricky and even downright mind-boggling. So, I’m still loving the Better Pictures Project from Crafting A Rainbow. November’s muse is Heather from Closet Case Files, and she talks about editing photos. Just like Heather, I regularly use Adobe’s Lightroom to edit my photos so was in full agreement with her on that, but also learnt some great tips.
  • Diary of a Chain Stitcher | Indie Pattern UpdateNot sure if I’ve mentioned it in these Taking Stock posts before but I eagerly await Fiona of Diary of a Chain Stitcher‘s Indie Pattern Update each month, usually comes at the end. She does a great job of pulling together all news associated with the indie sewing community and her October Indie Pattern Update was no exception. Thanks Fiona!
  • The vintage sewing community is not really one I’m part of as vintage patterns aren’t really my thing (yet!) but I still like following along with Stitching Odyssey‘s Vintage Pledge project. For November, she has a giveaway: 3 metres of fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics UK & Europe, closing 28 November. Gimme gimme gimme.
  • ColetteGuidetoSewingKnitsSoon, I will sew with jersey! But in the mean time, I have been trying to learn more and more about it. Leading up to the release of the Wren dress mentioned above, Colette Patterns produced a series of videos explaining all you need to know about shopping for knits. There’s also a free, downloadable guide for sewing knits at the bottom of that page too.
  • FabricGodmotherReversibleScubaJerseyBuying fabric online is a world I am yet to enter, or it was until I saw Fabric Godmother‘s beautiful purple and burnt orange reversible scuba jersey! They also do it in grey and navy. I could not resist. Nope, not matter what you say, I just couldn’t! And immediately shelled out for 2m of the stuff. Already in the works is a dress for my work christmas lunch. WARNING: Fabric Godmother has some wonderful fabric, visit the website at your own risk.
  • Indie Sew‘s Collections; seasonal pattern bundles, are wonderful for drooling over. They choose some lovely fabrics too. And they’ve just released their Winter Collection 2015 #indiesewwintercollection. One of the other really great features of Indie Sew is being able to see the many others versions of each of the patterns.
Community & News
  • bpSewvember-badgeWe might be 12 days into November already but it’s not too late to take part in Bimble and Pimble’s Photo a Day Challenge for November. You can get involved, or simply snoop, on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #bpSewvember.
  • This will be the third time mentioning it in as many posts but The Fold Line really is a wonderful creation. Kate and Rachel continue to update and improve the site in response to our demands and desires. Just last week, they introduced the World Map of Fabric Shops and there are already over 100 shops! There’s definitely more so go ahead, join and get adding!
  • Less community-focussed and more personal news but after 3 years of working at the same place, I got a promotion! It will mean a change in some of my role and a pay increase. I’m pretty chuffed and excited.
  • Once more, Episode 4 of Seamwork Radio from Colette Patterns has been released. I’m yet to listen to this episode due to my podcast backlog but am looking forward to hearing about building a US-made clothing label from scratch.
  • Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns released her Boundless Style modular dressmaking book: there are five bodices, five sleeves and five skirts, all interchangeable. The possibilities are almost endless! I reeeeeeeally want this book but have so far resisted. Have any of you lovely lot given in? Is it good?! There’s even an Boundless Style app so you can try out and save all of the potential variations. Sadly, this post misses the giveaways which were hosted by PatternReview.com, The Fold Line, and Closet Case Files, but you can still find some great reviews via each of those links.
  • Freehand-Fashion-blog-tourReleased today is the book from Chinelo Bally of Great British Sewing Bee (GBSB) Series 3 fame: Freehand Fashion, and there is a Kindle version as well if that floats your book boat. To coincide with the launch, there’s going to be a Blog Book Tour. Over 7 days, 8 sewists will tackle and blog about one of the outfits from the book. And there are free copies of the book to be won too. Ooooh aaaaahhhh!
  • So, there’s going to be a movie about dressmaking! I know, right?! When The Dressmaker is released on Friday 20 November in the UK, I might just be the first in the queue, as soon as I find out which cinemas are showing it, of course. Starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth (Thor’s real-life brother!), and set in 1950s Australia, this is a story of a woman returning to her roots and transforming the women in the town with her sewing machine skills. Feast your eyes on the trailer here.
  • Netflix is a treasure trove of goodies, isn’t it? Feeling somewhat emotionally delicate on Sunday (mostly because I was hungover), I was looking for something to basically, make me cry. And Beasts of No Nation did not disappoint; I was bawling like a baby. It’s about child soldiers in an unnamed African country, starring Idris Elba and the brilliant young actor Abraham Attah, and directed by Cari Joji Fukunaga of True Detective Season 1 acclaim. I thoroughly recommend it. As above, here’s the trailer.

And that’s that for another month!

What are you all sewing? I’m still working away on my Sewaholic Minoru, having a small nightmare with the topstitching thread but think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. In the mean time, I’ve been slightly distracted by making that dress for my work christmas lunch. It will be a little more business-esque than uber-party dress. I’m going with the bodice of the Simple Sew Loretta Jewel Neck Dress (free with issue 20 of Love Sewing) and a skirt of some description. But I cannot decide which! Maybe the pleated skirt of the Zeena Dress? Or a half or full circle skirt? Please help me choose!


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock #3

  1. Ooh, thanks for the mention, Jen! Also, you should totally get on board with sewing jersey – I started a month ago with Tilly and the Buttons’ online course and now can’t get enough of it! I’m making a version of Wren up this week for my sister… x


    • You’re very welcome. Your construction was most impressive! Ooh maybe I’ll give Tilly’s course a go then. I do hope you’ll share the finished Wren dress for your sister! 😀


  2. Alright girl, it’s time to sew knits! I don’t even know why they get a bad rep, because I find them really easy and forgiving to sew. Just remember that you don’t have to be perfect on every seam – it’ll stretch and fit just fine! Tilly’s patterns (as mentioned above) are a great place to start, or Sewaholic Renfrew (my first knit pattern) or just a ponte pencil skirt. Hard to go wrong on something like that! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂 Also why for the life of me can I not figure out when The Dressmaker releases (or already released?) in the US? lol I just searched for about 10 minutes and still couldn’t figure it out. I guess it’ll come to Netflix eventually 🙂


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