Me-Made-May ’16 and I

After watching from the wings for the last few years, I’ve finally signed up for my first Me-Made-May! Organised by Zoe of So, Zo… and Jen of Jennifer Lauren Vintage. My pledge?

I, Jen, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2016.


Want to join in? Head over to Zoe’s blog for sign up details and more general information, including a Pinterest board and Flickr group you can join, and the #mmmay16 hashtag for Instagram etc.

Following an inventory of my wardrobe, it seems I’ve made 37 garments! Including 14 dresses. A decent collection. Sadly, 6 of these are no longer wearable, either because something ripped or came apart (and I couldn’t fix it!) so that leaves 31 ‘wearable’ garments. But, you know how it is, I don’t like all of them and several aren’t day-appropriate. I’d probably wear around 15 of them.

Now, Zoe explains that there shouldn’t be any panic-sewing so I shall certainly stick to the ‘rules’ but my April sewing might need to address my selection. That being said, my sewing plans already included another Sewaholic Granville shirt and a navy Colette Moneta dress.

Who else has signed up?!


7 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’16 and I

  1. I’ve signed up for the first time this year and I am feeling really excited about it!

    I’m not sure how many me made items I have now, but I do know that most of them no longer fit after having baby number two. Also a lot of what are used to see was evening wear, and I’ve only recently got into tackling jersey knits and the kind of everyday items that actually get worn more than a couple of times a year. It’s not as glamorous but I do like to have more chances to wear what I’ve made, now that the opportunities to go out in the evening are far fewer and further between…


    • How’s your Me Made May going Anna-Jo? I’ve somehow managed 11 days without re-using anything yet, but I know I might have to before the end of the month. Like you, I have a lot of nice dresses which aren’t necessarily work appropriate. I’ve not long got into knits as well; they’re fab! More wear the better, glamorous or not. 🙂


      • Ooh, you’re doing better than me– I’ve had two repeats so far! It has spurred me on to repair a couple of me-mades and make a quick skirt, though, which is good.

        The recent hot weather made me realise I need to make more casual summer tops and dresses. And on the plus side, after two weeks of eating paleo I can fit back into my pre-baby makes! Now I just need lots of posh evening dos to wear them to. I don’t think my corset would work on the school run!


  2. Well done Jen for signing up for MMM16 and thanks so much for letting us know. I’ve just been to Zoe’s site and signed up to take part as well – it will be a massive challenge for me but hopefully a very positive one. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with your MMM challenge.



  3. I’ve just had a look through your side bar feed and I am in awe at some of the clothes you have made. They are all so stunning. I am more of a bag kind of lady. That’s more my level of ability 😉


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