#SewBrizzle: a sewing meet up in the South West

A sewing meet up is one thing I’ve never really attended. Sure, I’ve gone on sewing jollies with people I already know — so in that respect, I suppose I have — but I’ve not attended a countrywide one where you get to meet hoards of sewists. From big names in the sewing and blogging world to all the ladies (and gents!) keeping their sewing to themselves but loving it all the same. So, organising a sewing meet up without ever having been to one seems like a completely sensible idea, right? No, probably not! But I decided to go ahead anyway.

Image taken from englishgirlathome, reproduced under a CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

Let me introduce #SewBrizzle. Organised by Marie of sewnbristol, Amy and myself, the weekend day in May or June will feature a fabric and pattern swap and be a great opportunity to meet lovers of sewing, dressmaking, fabric and more. The name shamelessly takes its inspiration from the very successful SewBrum in Birmingham, organised by Charlotte of English Girl at Home. For those unacquainted, Brizzle is the colloquial term for Bristol, in the same way that Brum is for Birmingham.

Whilst this meet up will be in Bristol, everyone is welcome! We want as many of you lovely sewists to come as possible (you don’t have to be a blogger either!) so we’ve set up a Doodle poll with dates here: SewBrizzle Doodle poll. We’d really appreciate if you could complete the Doodle poll by Friday 15th April. This is so we can get an idea of numbers to reserve an appropriate sized area at the designated venue. You don’t have to leave your name if you’d prefer not to! And feel free to share the Doodle poll or this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on blogs and via email, etc.

All information about the meet up can be found on the SewBrizzle page here on my blog. Any questions, please just fire away!

Image courtesy of Charlotte Powell, reproduced under a CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.


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