MMMay16, days 7-12

Somehow, I’m still going strong! Without any repeats so far. So it’s time for another Me-Made-May post. 😀

MMMay16, days 7-12

Day 7 | One of three Sewaholic Belcarra ‘s, my ‘fruit salad Belcarra‘, with fabric I picked up in Barcelona. The warm weather was still holding out at this point hence the skirts and bare legs!

Day 8 | This day involved mostly chilling around the house but I was determined to wear something me-made. Cue my Colette Iris shorts in some cotton I bought aaaages ago from Fabric Land in Bristol. They’re a little tooooight, but still wearable.

Day 9 | A freshly sewn (and now my second!) By Hand London Charlotte skirt, into which I shortened significantly and added a vent using this tutorial from A Fashionable Stitch. The fabric, some stretch cotton, was from Goldhawk Road in London and was fabric left over from my By Hand London Pixel Roses Kim & Zeena mash-up dress.

Day 10 | More By Hand London with yet another unblogged make; a tartan Kim dress with a half (or is it quarter!?) circle skirt using their circle skirt app. The fabric was from Calico in Bristol but I’ve seen it online as well. I’m really proud of this dress because of how much work I put into (and pulled off) matching the tartan! I did shorten the straps without adding it back into the bodice so the waist is too high but it has a slight slimming effect. 😉

Day 11 | It was a very By Hand London-heavy week eh? A navy Flora dress. The fabric — labelled as a soft suiting from Fabric Land in Bristol — dropped quite a bit (at the waist mainly) after I’d sewn the hem so the bag is noticeably longer. At least to me but it still gets plenty of wear.

Day 12 | These six days were finished off with my first (and unblogged) Sewaholic Granville shirt using some check cotton gifted to me by a work college. Another make for which I’m proud of the pattern matching. It’s a little tight across the bust so I would add some width back in here.

Pretty sure I still have enough makes to get me through a week without rotating but ordinarily, I would re-wear some of these so you might begin to see repeat.

How’s everyone else getting on with Me-Made-May ’16? And if you’ve not got involved yet, it’s not too late! Head on over to So, Zo…’s blog to find out more.


3 thoughts on “MMMay16, days 7-12

  1. You have a very impressive me-made wardrobe! I don’t have nearly enough me-mades to wear on a daily basis, so maybe it’s time to start sewing with a plan 😀


    • Thank you Nilla! And sorry for my slow response. MMMay has definitely focused my sewing a lot more and allowed me to identify gaps in my wardrobe. I need to stop sewing (as many) pretty party dresses and more work appropriate clothing!


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