MMMay16, days 13-18

We’re on day 24 of May I know so this is a little late. But better late than never I suppose. This week did feature a repeat but more by choice; it was a new make and I really like it!

MMMay16, days 13-18

Day 13 | This is me trying to make my selfies more interesting. A pair of By Hand London Holly shorts. The fabric, a lovely cerise pink viscose, was from Birmingham rag market for around £3 a metre. Truth be told, despite making these almost a year ago, I’ve still not quite finished them as they still need a hook and eye.

Day 14 | A new make this time, which I whipped up that morning using the Featured waistband skirt from Love Sewing, issue 23 and fabric from my stash; a black and white stripe polyester from Ribes Y Casals when I visited Barcelona. I actually drafted my own waistband as the polyester wasn’t going to hold the shape in the original pattern well (it needs something stiffer) and I shortened the skirt by 15cm. It’s not a length I normally wear but I actually really like it. The polyester is very see-through so an underskirt was an absolute must!

Day 15 | This has become one of my favourite dresses! A By Hand London Kim dress, paired with a circle skirt (using their circle skirt app). The fabric is Amalia Aqua viscose from Fabric Godmother. With my previous 2 Kim dresses, I’d had issues with the shoulder straps slipping off. I played around with shortening the shoulder straps but that didn’t seem to solve the problem. Then, with some more Googling, I unearthed this post from Roisin which describes putting darts into the pattern pieces at the corner of the shoulder. I tried it and it works a charm! I somehow forgot to do it for the back bodice so it’s only on the front but, next time!

Day 16 | And here comes the first repeat, from Day 9: a By Hand London Charlotte skirt.

Day 17 | A different dress (a blogged one too!) but a repeated pattern: my Houndstooth Deer & Doe Belladone dress.

Day 18 | Ooh and another blogged make with this Charloretta dress: a mash-up of Love Sewing magazine’s Simple Sew Loretta dress (issue 20) and By Hand London’s Charlotte skirt. She is very comfy but also quite booby! I made her in some reversible scuba jersey from Fabric Godmother.

I’m sure there are going to start being more repeats soon, and the next bunch of days went downhill a little. But, I picked up some mint green jersey and speckled t-shirting from Fabric Land on Sunday so I see another Colette Moneta and either a Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee or a Deer and Doe Plantain Tee in my future.

How’s everyone else getting on with Me-Made-May ’16? Head on over to So, Zo…’s blog to find out more.


6 thoughts on “MMMay16, days 13-18

  1. Great outfits – love the new skirt. Don’t worry about repeats – I do think MMM should be about being conscious of what your wearing, not going out of our way to challenge ourselves unnecessarily!


    • Thank you! Yes, I’m quite in love with the new skirt as well; definitely need to make more. You’re completely right about the repeats; in ‘real life’ I would repeat my normal wardrobe so why not me-mades as well? I suppose I became a little too fixated on not repeating at first. 🙂

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