MMMay16, days 19-25

Time for the fourth instalment of MeMadeMay, which is actually 7 days instead of 6 as there was a repeat on consecutive days (or perhaps a fail in terms of me-made, depending on your view). Almost all of these makes are unblogged; I really need to sort that out! I’m toying with the idea of vlogs instead of photos, in an effort to get some of my many unblogged makes out there in the world. Thoughts? Anyway, let’s get to it.

MMMay16, days 13-18

Day 19 | I’ve actually worn my Sewaholic Minoru Lumberjacket several times this month but this particular day, I wasn’t wearing anything else me-made so I’m claiming it for day 19. The outer fabric is some navy water resistant (definitely not waterproof!) fabric from Goldhawk Road, London, and the lining some check brushed cotton from John Lewis.

Days 20 & 21 | The photos are actually slightly out of order (because the image proportions wouldn’t work otherwise) so days 20 and 21 is the top right image: a True Bias Sutton Blouse with some Sew Over It faux silk in cornflower blue (£12/metre), and a new make the day before. What you can’t see is the longer back and split side seams which are features I really like! The pattern is great, so I’d really like to make more, and the fabric was nice to work with.

Day 22 | My first Colette Moneta with navy cotton jersey from Girl Charlee UK. I realise I’ve never actually taken a photo of me in this dress; I do wear it, I promise! What you probably can’t tell is just how luminous that green necklace from Accessorise is!

Day 23 | An unblogged make is this pink with white polka dots Sewaholic Oakridge blouse in polyester chiffon (gifted to me by a work colleague). Sadly the fit isn’t too great because a) when I cut the fabric out, it must’ve been a little twisted so it wants to twist on my body, and b) I put the buttonholes in the wrong place (shifted them all down slightly). But I really like the adjustment of shortening the sleeves and how bright the fabric is!

Day 24 | A pair of Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers using houndstooth fabric from Fabric Land, left over from my Deer & Doe Belladone dress. Bit of a theme here but the fit on these isn’t great. In a frenzy, I cut out just my size from the printed pattern and cut into the main fabric without making a toile. Naughty mistakes! They’re too big at the waist, baggy in the wrong places, and there’s a little bit of a faux camel toe issue. Not a good look! None of this is the fault of the pattern itself, which is great, just my schoolgirl errors and possibly also the fabric itself. The lack of separate waistband (there is just a facing instead) is a bit of a niggle so if I made these again, I’d add one.

My scarf is also me-made: a self-drafted infinity scarf using some chiffon from Goldhawk Road. Does wearing two items on one day make up for repeating on another day?

Day 25 | This is one of my favourites but boy, is it a pain for going to the loo! This By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit has a side zip and 9 small buttons. The geometric fabric is some corduroy-type fabric from Goldhawk Road and as I only had a metre, I had to make it sleeveless. So the bodice is fully lined with cotton lawn. As I was in a bit of rush (read: desperate to make for an event the next day), I didn’t make a toile and so the front and back gape quite a bit. If I made it again, I’d pinch some out of both. I actually really need to redo the buttons as well; they’re really small so sewing them on was quite tricky and I didn’t do a very good job. *blush* But overall, love it! I’d really like to make another one with sleeves and perhaps convert the round neck into a v-neck?

Just 6 days left and one more instalment to come! I think I have 6, as yet unworn during May, makes but I might make something new as well. I just can’t help myself!

How’s everyone else getting on with Me-Made-May ’16? Head on over to So, Zo…’s blog to find out more.


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