MMMay16, days 26-31

And here we are, at the end of MMMay16 — my first ever — and I am really rather sad it’s over! I’ve had a great time. And even though I didn’t need to put something me-made on this morning, I did anyway! Let’s take a look at the last 6 days.

MMMay16, days 26-31


Day 26 | A repeat of day 6: my Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top using fabric from Sew Essential. Just so comfy!

Days 27 (top right) | I popped into Fabric Land during the week just for a zip. There is no such thing in a fabric shop! Obviously I spotted some fabric: this jacquard jersey in mint green which I made another Colette Moneta out of. And another Moneta which has a photo with me not in it; bit of a trend. I lined the bodice as the fabric turned out to be quite see-through when stretched.

Day 28 (top center) | An antique in terms of my makes are these Colette Iris shorts with linen-look cotton from Fabric Land. I was also wearing a teal Selvage Foxglove tank which I’ve not blogged and didn’t manage to get a photo of.

Day 29 | And another Colette pattern, this is actually my first ever make! A Colette Sorbetto top, which is a free pattern. I never normally wear it because it doesn’t fit so well but actually, wearing it this time made me fall in love with it again, including the green polka dot cotton from Fabric Land!

Day 30 | My By Hand London KimZeena mash-up with fabric from Goldhawk Road. All details in that blogpost.

Day 31 | For the final day, I whipped up my first ever Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee (another free pattern!) on my overlocker and I am in love. The fabric is very soft jersey/t-shirting from Fabric Land (also picked up when I wasn’t supposed to be buying any fabric). I only had 1 metre so had to shorten the sleeves by a few inches but I prefer it like this as I’d only end up rolling them up anyway! The pattern is great and very fast to sew.

And that’s all folks! It has been a throughly enjoyable month, thank you all so much for commenting and liking. It has taught me a lot about my wardrobe as well; I have a much better idea where the gaps are now.

How did everyone else’s Me-Made-May ’16 go? If you didn’t join in this year, maybe next year! Keep your eye on So, Zo…’s blog.


8 thoughts on “MMMay16, days 26-31

  1. I love your makes, they all look great. I am also a fan of fabricland and go whenever I can (although I should stay away as I spend too much!). Im going to download those free patterns – thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m envious of your whole wardrobe. You’ve got some gorgeous creations and I have a big urge to sew something mint green all of a sudden!


    • Thanks Leigh, that means a lot coming from a lady with your style. 😀 I was worried I was going to look like some sort of melamine doll but the mint green actually turned out really well, rather summery. I shall be on the look out for more of it I think.


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