#SewBrizzle, or how I met a bunch of awesome sewcialists!

This time two weeks ago, we were still coming down from the amazing fun that was #SewBrizzle! I took my new(ish) proper camera and made sure to take lots of photos to share with you all so here they are (just a little late, I’m sorry!). With around 30 people in attendance, everyone said they had a great day and took away a few pieces of fabric and/or patterns, along with the excellent goodie bags organised by Marie of SEWN Bristol.

We had some ah-mah-zing #SewBrizzle bunting made by Amy!


What party, sewing or otherwise, would be complete without Prosecco and sweets?! Answer: NONE! So we welcomed as many as we could with these, along with their very own name tag.


Many wore me-made dresses including these beautiful creations from Ruth and Sara.


There was ALL THE FABRIC and ALL THE PATTERNS, the latter of which we’d separated into garment type e.g. dresses, tops, bottoms, etc. We’d also made little pattern and fabric tags so people could add details about whether it had already been cut and the size, pre-washed, etc.


Ladies looking pretty pleased with their hauls!

#SewBrizzle #SewBrizzle

The organising dream-team. Read: I would NOT have been able to do it without these two wonderful women, Marie and Amy.


Some people came an impressive distance, including Amelia (stripey top) who came from Gloucestershire. Having followed her blog Thrift Make Sew for a little while, it was lovely to meet her in person.

#SewBrizzle #SewBrizzle #SewBrizzle

As the 3 hours came to an end, Amy and I were certainly pretty pooped, albeit still grinning like cheshire cats!


But naturally, you just cannot tear sewcialists away from one another!


I really hope everyone had as much of an amazing time as I did! And we certainly want to do another one so keep your eyes and ears peeled if you didn’t make it to this one.

Oh and if anyone spots themselves in these photos and would like me to a) remove them or b) link to their social media, please just let me know!

10 thoughts on “#SewBrizzle, or how I met a bunch of awesome sewcialists!

  1. I had such a brilliant time meeting so many lovely sewists! Thank you for organising such a fun event, with Marie and Amy. It was worth travelling all that way and I hope there will be more meet-ups soon 🙂


  2. Was a great way to spend an afternoon 😃 I have made a lovely new top with your donated seahorse fabric, I even used the pattern I picked up in the swop! Will put a review and pics on The Folldline soon


    • So glad to hear you had a good time Janet! Ooh I REALLY want to to see what you’ve made with the seahorse fabric so I’ll watch out for that. 😀 If you post a link to your profile on there, I can follow you?


      • Hello again 🙂 I have followed you on Foldline (hopefully!) my user name is smitten-kitten. Will try and do top picks tomorrow


  3. I had a fantastic afternoon meeting you, Amy and so many other like-minded sewists. That and prosecco, sweets, fabric and patterns on a sunny afternoon – perfect! Looking forward to hopefully more meet-ups.


  4. Hi, I only just discovered your blog today (via your first blog post) and I also live in Bristol. I am gutted I didn’t discover you earlier and therefore discover the sewbrizzle meet up. I am looking forward to catching up with your previous blog posts and your vlogs and checking out the new shop on Fairfax street. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear you didn’t hear about SewBrizzle in time! 😦 We are hoping there’ll be more events and gatherings in the South West, which I shall try and tell people about either via my blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so keep your eyes peeled. Oh yes, definitely pop into SEWN on Fairfax Street, it’s a real treasure trove! Let me know what you pick up, if anything. 😀


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