Product Review // labels from Dutch Label Shop + discount

A few months ago, I’d been toying with the idea of purchasing some custom clothing labels to tzusj up my handmade items. I’d seen reviews around the blogosphere, including What Katie Sews and Diary of a Chainstitcher, but hadn’t taken the plunge mainly because I wasn’t sure what design I wanted or which company to go with. So when Dutch Label Shop, based in the US, got in touch and asked if I wanted to test out their product, it couldn’t have come at a better time so I jumped at the chance! Read on for how I found them, plus a discount for my readers.

Dutch Label Shop labels

Dutch Label Shop offers a range of different labels; basic ones using text or your own uploaded logo, care labels, and more. I opted for the woven logo labels. The first step was choosing a design which actually didn’t take me as long as I expected. Using Inkscape — an open source vector graphics program I often use — I created a PNG image of the logo I wanted, which you might recognise as my blog header.

Dutch Label Shop labels

The website is easy to use with a number of options from label type, size, colour(s), whether they’re iron-on or sew-in, and whether you’d like to see a proof of the label before having them made. The website sums the cost as you go along based on your choices. With the options I chose, the $100 voucher Dutch Label Shop kindly gave me, I was able to order 150 labels which were 2.5″ wide x 1″ high before folding.


The process overall was simple. The labels arrived pretty quickly given they were shipped from the US, and were well-packaged. The labels themselves are a lovely quality and whilst the green is a slightly different shade than I’d expected, I really like them. They’re soft too; I have very sensitive skin and would often cut RTW clothing labels out because they scratch and irritate my skin (another reason I’d been undecided about adding labels to my handmade clothing) but I’ve barely even noticed these.

Dutch Label Shop labels

There was one slight blip: I’d asked to see a proof of the label before they were created, just incase I didn’t like the design after all. This was promptly sent via email. For some reason, the images attached to the email were not of the label but of something completely unrelated (nothing rude!). But they rectified this immediately so everything was back on track straight away and I promptly approved the proof.

Dutch Label Shop labels

It’s taken me a little while to get one of these bad girls sewn into a garment because, as it turns out, I don’t make as many handmade items with linings or facings as I thought! But when I did finally get to it, it went without a hitch and I must say, I love the result! I shall definitely be adding them to future makes, I just have to make sure I remember!

Dutch Label Shop labels

Have you considered putting labels into your clothing? What sort of design would you choose?


Dutch Label Shop are offering my readers a 15% discount for 30 days. Just enter the code ‘gingerella‘ during the purchase process. Any issues, let me know!

Note: This product was given to me by Dutch Label Shop in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


8 thoughts on “Product Review // labels from Dutch Label Shop + discount

    • Thanks Claire! That was it for me as well; choosing a logo. Hopefully I won’t get too bored of it as I have another 149 labels to use ha. Oh thank you, I really need to film my July makes vlog but the weather is not motivating me to do it. 😦


  1. They look great. I sort of fancy labels and sort of don’t. Like you, RTW ones generally just irritate me but they would make it easier to tell which side is the front of memades. My New Look 6217s and New Look 6096 take me a while to figure out before putting them on.


  2. I love the labels, but I looked into getting some with your discount code and it seems that the code only works on the us site, which doesn’t ship to the uk 😦 Seems a shame, especially as you yourself are based in the UK. I tried it on the UK site but it says it’s not valid.


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