Vlog // Fabric, patterns and sewing plans September 2016

Time to share my September sewing plans with you, for what remains of the month!

3 thoughts on “Vlog // Fabric, patterns and sewing plans September 2016

  1. Great vlog! Weird as I watched it wearing my version of Tilly & the Buttons Agnes – my 2nd attempt at this pattern and also only my 2nd attempt at knit fabric having always worked with wovens. I’m a convert! And I agree – the Makers Workbook is fab! It was a gift but I now use it extensively – hint to daughter – think I need another! Will follow your progress with Ginger Jeans as they are also on my to do list. I, too, fancy a wrap dress so will follow your adventure with that. Good luck!


    • Thanks Gilly, glad you enjoyed the vlog! Oh the Agnes is a lovely pattern isn’t it? And working with knit is great I think. Yup, the Makers Workbook is really good for me staying focussed on what I plan to make. Hoping to do blog posts on my Gingers and the wrap dress (well, when I actually make it!).


  2. I’ve just ordered some corduroy from Minerva crafts for a button up skirt. I’ll let you know what its like when it arrives, may be suitable for your Moss skirt? They have so many colours available!

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