Colette Mabel

Colette // Mabel Skirt

Pretty pumped to share with you my first completed make of my #2017MakeNine list: a Colette Mabel skirt. Whilst in my initial 2017 Make Nine post, I debated between this pattern and McCall’s 7331 in my stash, sometime ago I got halfway through a test version of M7331 and decided I really wasn’t feeling it. Plus, I realised I could use three of my Seamwork credits to purchase the Mabel skirt so it was like it was already in my stash really (shush!).

Today you’re not getting my face ’cause I’m just not feeling it but that’s not what you come here for anyway. You’re also getting indoor photos as it was raining on Saturday. Boo! Here comes the hand on the hip…

Colette MabelColette MabelColette MabelColette Mabel Colette Mabel

The top I’m wearing here is a Grainline Studio Lark tee with long sleeves and scout neckline in some teal t-shirting from Fabric Land in Bristol. Oh and if anyone is interested, the wedges are from Modcloth, kindly given to me by a friend.


As I’d planned, I used this geometric Chevron Ivory Black Fukuro knit (ponte) from Joanns from my stash, which I’d picked up on a work trip to the US and initially used for a Seamwork Mesa dress. It’s very easy to work with and is nice and spongey. I even have a little more left although not sure what else I might make with it. Pattern matching with this fabric is hardly ever required; in fact, no matter how little attention I pay to the pattern matching, it always comes out alright in the end. I wish it was always like that!

The waistband facing is using some black ponte roma jersey from Fabric Land which I used for the Seamwork Margo skirt.

Sizing and cutting

I made Version 1 and cut a size S but lengthened the front and back pattern pieces by ~5″ (~13cm).

Fitting and alterations

For the back skirt pattern piece, I decided to eliminate the back seam and cut this piece on the fold. In addition, after sewing, I brought the side seams at the top of the skirt and the waistband in by ~5/8″ (~1.5cm) as it was gaping a little.

Pattern instructions

All present and correct. This was another fairly simply make and is a good basic.


All seams: Overlocked (actually made most of this skirt using the overlocker).
Hems: Twin needle (before I’d broken it sewing Margo)


Really love this fabric and you know, I’ve seen people in the UK wearing clothes with this fabric so I wonder whether perhaps American clothes retailers have used it. Also love being able to whip something up quickly on the overlocker. I initially wore the skirt without hemming it as the fabric looked stable at the cut edge but it wasn’t really. A quick hemming solved the problem. When I was ironing the waistband, the heat of the iron seemed to stretch the waistband a little but after a wash, it sprung back. If I make Mabel again (and it is a good basic), it’s still a little lose around the waist, so slips down and makes me want to hike it up. If I reduce it at the waist, so it sits in the right place, I also want to lengthen it some more.

Working on…

Still my Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak from my #2017MakeNine list. She’s all underlined and I’ve started on construction: at the weekend I’d sewn my gusset pockets and inserted my first spring snap! Sew exciting!

What are you working on? How’s your #2017MakeNine coming along?


13 thoughts on “Colette // Mabel Skirt

  1. Wow, this Mabel looks great on you! I started making one a few weeks ago in View C, but it’s way less “pencil” than I wanted it to be. I’ll end up taking it in a bunch, but maybe for my next ones, I’ll end up just lengthening view A like you did!

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    • Thanks Jane! Mabel is pretty straight but View A sounds a little more ‘pencil’ than View C then. Oh and I tried to have a look at your blog but it says it no longer exists?


      • Hmm… that’s strange! I might have to link up an old site to my account. Thanks for letting me know! You can visit directly at 😊

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    • Thank you! The main reason I went with View A was because I wanted the least number of pattern pieces possible. 🙂 I do like the shorter version as well so may make that too one day.


  2. This could be one to add to my sewing pattern list, not sure it’ll look as good on me as you though!! I’m working on another pair of ultimate trousers in black denim.

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  3. This looks great, you’ve got such a good fit with it! I love that fabric too. I can’t wait to see your Kelly anorak! I’ve made the first of my #makenine a toaster sweater by Sew House Seven, which I’ll need to blog soon!


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