2018 Make Nine

How has a year passed already since I made my 2017MakeNine list?! Well, it has. And it’s time for dundundun #2018MakeNine! This challenge/tag is my favourite; it gives me a great injection of inspiration.

This is a series from Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and is the maker version of the “Best Nine” tag made popular on Instagram a few years ago. As Rochelle explains in her 2018 Make Nine post, it’s a gentle challenge in which you identify nine items you would like to make during the year; whether that be sew, knit or really any kind of craft! There’s no deadline, you can join in without being on social media, and it’s flexible. In short: it’s whatever you want it to be.

You can also follow this tag on Instagram: #2018MakeNine. I really love looking at everyone’s choices!

Time for me to dive in to my choices, which are a mix of patterns and fabric from my stash; fabricless patterns; and some that I don’t even have the patterns for yet! I probably should’ve shopped my stash a little more, oops! As I did last year, for those I don’t yet have fabric for, I’ve had a go at choosing some but it is subject to change. The goal last year was to work towards a wearable, me-made wardrobe and I’m rather happy with the progress I’ve made towards that. This year continues along the same theme with a sprinkling of new-to-me skills and styles.1. Simplicity 7006 pinafore dress #patternstash #fabricstash
This is the first of three that are leftover from last year, since 1.) it wasn’t a fully formed idea when I added to my list last year and 2.) I managed to get hold of the vintage pattern but it’s about three sizes too big so needs resizing and I don’t really know where to start at the moment. Keeping it on the list might not be the best choice as I might skip over it once again. But let’s try! Plus, I have some beautiful peacock teal corduroy from Adam Ross Fabrics destined for this. Unfortunately, it has sold out but they do have some other colours and wales.


2. Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes #patternstash
Another carry over from last year:

The jury’s still out on which fabric to use for the Tania culottes (they’re also still debating whether I can actually wear culottes!?) but something drapey, of course. Either something snazzy to wear with basic tops, like this John Kaldor Hermione fabric from Sew Essential; or something basic to wear with snazzy tops, e.g. this medium weight crepe in red from Sew Essential (now that I’m all into red!) or triple crepe in purple from Sew Over It. What do you think?

I’m not sure why I never got going on this one?! I was just about to bite the bullet and purchase the JK Hermonie fabric from Sew Essential so I have no very few excuses left but it’s sold out. Sadface. It’s not all lost; I found some fabric for another of the patterns below. 😉 I’ll just leave this image here and keep looking. All recommendations welcome!


3. Alison Glass Ombre Tessellation quilt #patternstash #fabricstash
And the third and final carry over from 2017: the Alison Glass Ombre Tessellation quilt. It’s still true that I’m not a quilter but after much struggling, I managed to get my hands on the pattern and the half-yard bundle (for quite a pricely sum!) early in 2017. I just need some wadding, backing and to get started. Now that I’ve moved into my new house, I’d really like to finish it this year and hang it, perhaps in the sewing room.

ombretesscoverrgb150jpg v_and_co_ombre_20_3

4. Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjamas #patternstash
Nice pyjamas feel very decadent, don’t they? Well, you know what, I want a piece of that pie! Enter the Carolyn Pyjamas from Closet Case Patterns. I’ve seen so many beautiful versions and I’m yet to choose fabric but some brushed cotton would be deelish I think. In the mean time, I have some cotton I got at the fabric swap at The Sewing Weekender last year (along the lines of the fabric below) that I’ll make a toile out of. I’m also trying to decide whether to make the shorts or the trousers. Maybe both!

5. Pauline Alice Faura Dress 
With the cold and dark weather, it’s been difficult to think outside of a winter wardrobe. The Faura Dress from Pauline Alice will hopefully be a nice addition in the summer. I loved the look and design of this dress when it was released, particularly the princess seams and using D-rings to cinch it in at the waist (and let out for pie-space). It can also be a top but it’s definitely going to be the dress I make. Looking at Pauline Alice’s blog posts, a striped cotton would make an ideal fabric pairing for this one, perhaps this lilac candy stripe chambray from Higgs and Higgs.

6. Deer and Doe Luzerne Trenchcoat #patternstash #fabricstash
This is a pattern, and associated fabric (some beige twill), that’s been in my stash for a little while. Why did I stall? Well, I purchased the paper version of the Luzerne trenchcoat and it wasn’t until halfway through cutting out the pieces, that I noticed some of the pieces overlap. And they’re the big bloomin’ pieces, like the front and back of the coat! So I have to trace it. Sigh. I’m not OK with that really so I bundled it up packed it up neatly. In anger. But I really want to have it made so as soon as I’ve found some buttons, I’m on it. I’ll try not rage-quit this time.

7. Nina Lee Kew Dress
Now, I won’t lie to you, this wasn’t love at first sight but oh boy, what a grower! After seeing so many beautiful versions, I am now besotted with the Kew Dress from Nina Lee. Version 2, with the straps and optional off-the-shoulder sleeves, should be good for both spring and summer. I’d previously been stumped on which fabric to choose, but after perusing the Sew Essential website (for fabric for the Tania culottes), I spotted this tropical bird print double georgette in navy. I need it. And have thus, just ordered 2 metres of it! At this point I’m just ignoring whether double georgette might be difficult to sew with…

8. Alina Design Co. Hampton Jean Jacket
I used to have a denim jacket that I adored when I was in my teens! I don’t know what happened to it, and it sure as hell wouldn’t fit anymore, but it’s hard to let go isn’t it? Well, now that I feel reasonably comfortable working with denim, I want to recreate that dream and make one for myself. I actually already own the Named Patterns Maisa denim jacket as I snapped it straight up on release. It was only when Alina Design Co. released the Hampton Jean Jacket that I preferred its style lines. Again, there are some awesome versions of the Hampton, including tea dying the denim from Anna Zoe! In terms of denim colour, I’m quite torn as I like the idea of a suite of Hamptons. Which one would you go for?

9. Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers
I’m still in search of my perfect trouser pattern and since I’m very happy with the fit on my Ginger jeans, the Sasha Trousers had to be added to the list. In terms of fabric, it’ll be a basic solid, perhaps navy (one of my faves!) or black to begin with in a stretch twill or gabardine. This John Kaldor stretch twill in Oxford blue from Sew Essential is a good candidate.

And that’s all folks. Except it’s not! In my first iteration of the list, I had 18 patterns. Eighteen! So here are the nine that didn’t make it but may still feature in 2018:

  • Colette – Aster blouse #patternstash
  • Grainline Studio – Portside travel set #patternstash
  • Tilly – Ariele skirt #patternstash
  • Closet Case Patterns – Nettie bodysuit #patternstash
  • Tilly – Rosa shirtdress #patternstash
  • By Hand London – Rumana coat
  • I Am Patterns – Juliette blouse
  • Pauline Alice – Rosari skirt #patternstash
  • Victory Patterns – Hannah dress

Are you getting involved in #2018MakeNine? What will you make? 

Please note: this post does not contain affiliate links. I do not receive anything as a result of you clicking any of the links.


5 thoughts on “2018 Make Nine

  1. You’ve got some lovely plans there and thank you for the stretch twill link, I want some of that and the Sew Essential stuff is a great price. I love the Pauline Alice dress too and I’ve been thinking about getting that one. The sample with the stripes is lovely and the D rings are such an unusual feature.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Leigh! Oh let me know how you get on with the twill from Sew Essential, as I still wasn’t sure on what it might look/feel like from the picture. Yeah, those D rings are what’re calling my name with the Faura dress!


  2. Loving your picks, the Kew dress is gorgeous. I’m disgusted on your behalf about the Luzerne coat though! I’m a big Deer and Doe fan because their patterns fit me well, but overlapping on a pattern of that price is not on! Also, that coat is the trench coat of my dreams, but I didn’t buy it because it’s not lined, which I think is unreasonable given the price. Ok, end of rant! Good luck with your makes, and I love that you have a secondary list. If it helps, I’ve been meaning to make Rosa since it was released…


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