The Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour // Vogue 1537 + GIVEAWAY!

When the lovely Rachel from The Fold Line got in touch asking if I’d like to take part in this year’s blogger tour raising money for The Eve Appeal — a charity raising awareness of, and funding research into, the five gynaecological cancers — I almost bit her hand off! Y’know, through the medium of e-mail. Whilst I might not be a vintage fiend, I followed last year’s The Big Vintage Sewalong intently; it featured so many wonderful makes and was for such a great cause.

This year’s series is called The Cocktail Hour, hosted by McCall’s; and for each of the 20 Cocktail Hour Vogue patterns sold, The Eve Appeal receives a direct donation. Oh and it even has its own cocktail! Raspberries and vodka, what’s not to love?! It’s delicious, you’ll see. 😉

The Cocktail Hour
Don’t be silly, there’s always time for a cocktail darling!

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Seamwork Astoria in Atelier Brunette Twinkle Rose French Terry from Faberwood

Seamwork // Astoria

Well, it’s only bloomin’ March already! And at the start of the third month, allow me to introduce to you the third make from my 2017 Make Nine list; a Seamwork Astoria. As I mentioned in my February sewing plans vlog, I’d originally opted for the Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirt but I swapped to the Astoria as I’d had it in my stash for a while, it requires less fabric and I really liked the look of it.

The beautiful Atelier Brunette Twinkle Rose French Terry fabric I used sold out very quickly from pretty much every UK shop stocking it. If I hadn’t seen it on the Atelier Brunette website prior to release I would’ve missed out as well. Thankfully, I snuck in an order of 1m from And let’s just take a moment to swoon over the beautiful packaging! Some fabric shops may still have the navy version Twinkle Rose.

Atelier Brunette Twinkle Rose French Terry from Faberwood Atelier Brunette Twinkle Rose French Terry from Faberwood

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Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak

Closet Case Patterns // Kelly Anorak

Perhaps you’re as surprised as I am to learn I’ve already finished one of the beefier makes on my 2017 Make Nine list; the Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak but finished she is and I’m very pleased with the result! The first thing I should say is these photos make it look brown. It really is more of an olive in real life. My camera apparently really wanted it to be brown. I considered retaking the photos but when life gives you brown…?

I’ve seen so many great versions, like lladybird Lauren’s version, Georgia of Ginger Stitch’s waxed version and all of those in Heather Lou’s round up. A good number of them — including those linked — have been in the green colour palette so I feel like a little bit of a copy cat but if it’s not broke, eh? OK, picture time! Here, I’m wearing my Closest Case Patterns Ginger Jeans and a Grainline Studio Lark Tee.

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Colette Mabel

Colette // Mabel Skirt

Pretty pumped to share with you my first completed make of my #2017MakeNine list: a Colette Mabel skirt. Whilst in my initial 2017 Make Nine post, I debated between this pattern and McCall’s 7331 in my stash, sometime ago I got halfway through a test version of M7331 and decided I really wasn’t feeling it. Plus, I realised I could use three of my Seamwork credits to purchase the Mabel skirt so it was like it was already in my stash really (shush!).

Today you’re not getting my face ’cause I’m just not feeling it but that’s not what you come here for anyway. You’re also getting indoor photos as it was raining on Saturday. Boo! Here comes the hand on the hip…

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Grainline Studio Lark Tee and Seamwork Margo Circle Skirt

Basic Bitch // Grainline Studio Lark Tee + Seamwork Margo Circle Skirt

Happy New Year folks! How’s 2017 treating you so far? I’ve had a pretty busy one on all fronts really, including sewing! In terms of productivity, in addition to the makes I’m just about to share with you, I’ve already made a Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress which didn’t work out (sadface), a Grainline Studio Hemlock tee which has turned out lovely (happyface) and a Colette Mabel skirt which went OK (…okayface?!).

And I’m determined to keep track of and blog more of my makes this year. We’re off to a decent start with this double whammy of a post! Vlogging is a little tricky at the moment because of the lack of light in the evenings and I often want to be sewing at the weekend rather than recording and editing. Losing subscribers by the minute I’m sure. 😦

Let’s proceed. Well, I seem to be on a bit of a ‘basic bender’ at the moment. My penchant for jazzy fabrics and night-out dresses at the beginning of my dressmaking journey gave way to funky function and has finally reached Basicville. Hence the profanity in the title, I’m sorrynotsorry. But how effing wonderful are basics guys?! Srsly. I know, I know; my face is doing an excellent job of containing my excitement over these beauts: the Grainline Studio Lark tee and the Seamwork Margo circle skirt (the variation available to subscribers). Feast your eyes. I’ll wait here.

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