2017 Make Nine

It’s that time again, where one looks forward to the new year ahead and begins making plans of what they’re going to fill it with.

30999306984_32c4333a8f_oLast year, I’d seen a challenge from Rochelle of Lucky Lucille that I thought was great: 2016MakeNine, and knew I definitely wanted to follow suit in 2017. Make Nine is Rochelle’s maker version of “Best Nine”; choosing your top or favourite nine Instagram posts that year. You can also follow this tag on Instagram: #2017MakeNine. It’s great to see how many have gotten involved so far!

The idea of Rochelle’s challenge is to select nine patterns or projects you’d like to sew during the year. These nine patterns aren’t designed to be the only things you’ll make during the year but instead, a plan to get you going and something to work towards. As she explains in her 2017 Make Nine post, her goal is to be flexible and forgiving. It’s not about failure, and it’s OK if you change your mind or alter  your plans.

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into my nine patterns for 2017, most of which are patterns I already have in my stash. I’ve had a go at pairing them with fabric, although most of that is not in my stash (sadly) but the fabric may well change.Read More »

Product Review // labels from Dutch Label Shop + discount

A few months ago, I’d been toying with the idea of purchasing some custom clothing labels to tzusj up my handmade items. I’d seen reviews around the blogosphere, including What Katie Sews and Diary of a Chainstitcher, but hadn’t taken the plunge mainly because I wasn’t sure what design I wanted or which company to go with. So when Dutch Label Shop, based in the US, got in touch and asked if I wanted to test out their product, it couldn’t have come at a better time so I jumped at the chance! Read on for how I found them, plus a discount for my readers.

Dutch Label Shop labelsRead More »


Sewing Saturday: Gingercake Getaway Duffle bag

Time for a completed project post!

Gingercake Getaway Duffle  |  £4.00 PDF Pattern  |  Child size (Adapted)

This was a gym bag for a friend and it ending up being a feat of construction (for me, anyway!) because I attempted to adapt it in a similar style to Vanessa of {lbg studio}, with a pink section along the bottom. Being quite new to sewing, I decided to take a shot in the dark and contact both Vanessa and Gingercake’s Virginia for any tips or hints. They were ever so helpful! And if it weren’t for their assistance, I’m not sure I would’ve managed it.

In terms of fabric, I opted for some Robert Kaufman Essex Linen — a cotton linen blend — in ivory and hot pink from Emma’s Fabric Studio each for £8.40/metre, where you can buy by the quarter metre.

The trickiest part was trying to work out the length of the handles but I got there in the end, after quite a bit of unpicking. I was reasonably pleased with the outcome but if I made it again, I probably would’ve used a stiffer material.

Not the best photo, so do head over to {lbg studio} to feast your eyes.

Wash bag

Sewing Saturday: wash bag

This was totally supposed to be posted yesterday but I got somewhat waylaid… by sewing no less!

Since I finished the Sewing for Beginners class at Bristol’s Folk House in March, I don’t feel like I’ve done much sewing, hence the Sewing Saturday hiatus, but actually I did a couple of bits.


Wash bag

I made this as a gift to my Mom for Mother’s Day, with this pretty flowery cotton and a waterproof lining inside the zippered pocket. Sadly, I made this in sewing class from a pattern the teacher Karen had so I’m not sure which one it is. Once I find out, I shall update this post.

Working on…

New Look 6968 – Misses’ Dress  |  ~£6  |  View A

My first dress! I had a few different fabrics in my stash to choose from after a trip to London’s Goldhawk Road but as it is my first project, and will potentially be susceptible to mistakes, I opted for some cheaper cotton. This spotty green caught my eye and was a good price at ~£4/metre. I started cutting everything out on Tuesday and after around 8 hours of sewing yesterday I’m probably about 50% of the way through. Cannot wait to finish! Watch this space for a completed post.


Sewaholic’s Belcarra Blouse!

So, what have you been sewing?

Sewing Saturday and London’s Goldhawk Road

A late night post for you this evening so that I can truly call it Sewing Saturday.

And what a wonderful albeit tiring Saturday it has been. Myself and 10 other ladies from the different Bristol Folk House sewing and dressmaking classes carried ourselves off on the 8:30am coach from Bristol to London on a fabric-finding mission along Goldhawk Road in West London. This place is a fabric mecca and I think upon arrival at the tube station, most of us felt like this:

I’d prepared a loose shopping list based on some patterns, energised myself with a smoothie and chocolate based pastry, and we were off! Lunch happened in the middle but four hours after us descending upon Goldhawk Road, each of the ladies had made some beautiful choices. It was an awesome day! I managed to pick up five different fabrics with an idea in mind for four of them: two dresses, a blouse and snood. Cannot wait. Sadly, these hastily taken photos do not do them justice!

Oh, and in the sewing/dressmaking arena, these Colette patterns arrived on Thursday from sewbox.co.uk. How gorgeous is the packaging?! And with our day off on Friday, Amy and I went on an IKEA mission to construct a sewing corner. We were grinning from ear to ear for a couple of hours after we’d finished assembling and organising this.

Sewing “Saturday” and a birthday

Again, it’s not Saturday, is it? I swear it isn’t going to be like this every week. But I was rather distracted this weekend. Why? Well, this happened:

I promise I was happier than this in all of the other photos! 

On Saturday evening, my housemate Amy and I hosted a dinner party to celebrate my birthday with our friends. She also bought me a surprise and scrumptious birthday cake! The candles seem to be producing a phenomenally large amount of fire/light. They weren’t. They were totally ordinary candles, producing a totally ordinary amount of fire/light. Nor were there 29 of them. But then, I still look the same as when I was actually 16 so that many candles were somewhat appropriate.

My actual birthday was on Sunday and I received some wonderful gifts including a Kindle (!), a snood I’ve barely taken off since, a cactus (because it was “small and prickly, like me”), some wonderful Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries, fabric, a sewing book, books, and money. The rest of the day featured a Wagamama lunch, purchase of a Kindle case, some fabric shopping and a new Belgian crime drama on BBC Four called Salamander to replace The Bridge.

Today, we’ve had the day off work so Amy and I decided to have a ‘sewing day’. With the spotted fat quarters my sister bought me, I made a teal buttoned pocket for my Kindle and started a red placemat to sit under my sewing machine. I just need to get some bias tape to go around the edges. Next up, this Thursday in sewing class, we shall start making cushions. I discovered this beautiful grey, charcoal and gold poppy fabric and even at £13 a metre, I just had to have it. OK, two metres of it. Ssh!

How was everyone else’s weekend?