Sewing Saturday: another tote bag

…except it’s on a Sunday this time for no reason other than I got sidetracked by making some small changes to the blog yesterday. Quite a way into the early hours. I refused to be defeated!

So, this week — actually, last Sunday — I made a shoulder bag with lining and inside pocket for my sister. She’s been is a little unwell so hopefully it cheered her up. : )

I’ve almost finished the apron that we started in class on Thursday using the same fabric that I used for my shoulder bag. I’ve set my sights on making this zipper card pouch for a friend although finding some of the supplies has proved difficult so I’ve made no headway.

It seems I cannot resist buying fabrics even when I don’t have a project planned/in mind and picked up this pretty flower fabric. Oh and I’ve now taken to buying dress patterns despite a) enrolment for the dressmaking course not being available never mind having started and b) me not having a single clue how to decipher a dressmaking pattern!

Meh, I’ll worry about that later!

Tote bag

A tote bag and I did something naughty

With my day off yesterday, I went and bought one of these:

And by naughty, I suppose I mean because I had this undefined, unspoken idea that I was going to spend less money this year. But, it wasn’t a ridiculous amount of money and well, I just really wanted one! For anyone interested, this Janome J3-24 sewing machine is from Direct Sewing Machines in Bristol.

Therefore, there is probably going to be a little more mention of sewing around here. I know from experience that if sewing is not your thing, seeing blog posts about it just turns you off. To that end, I thought I might confine any sewing related posts to one of the weekend days. That way, you can easily avoid it if you wish. Since today is Saturday, let’s stick to Sewing Saturday (alliteration and all that).

This week, I finished the tote bag with lining and inside zipped pocket. I am really pleased with my first project and have used it a number of times since finishing it on Thursday. The fabric was from John Lewis and the lining and zip from Fabricland in Bristol. It took 6-8 hours and cost ~£5 to make.

I was so happy with it, and had so much fun making it, that I have already purchased the fabric to make one for my sister. Lucky lady!

And now I’m off to get started! 😀