Vlog // My makes June 2016

Time for another vlog! I’m talking about my makes in June.

I tried to keep it under 10 minutes but if I’d cut any more out, it might’ve made no (read: even less) sense! My editing this month isn’t as sharp either, with a few stray words and you caught a glimpse of me composing myself at the start of the video which I thought I’d edited out. Oh and sorry if anyone felt ‘flashed’ by my short dress at the end!

Anyway, hope you enjoy! 😀


My first sewing vlog!

Well, I only went and did a vlog, didn’t I? Just a couple o’ things before I share the link:

  1. Completely forgot to actually introduce myself. And not my background or my blog; my actual name! So yeah, I’m Jen.
  2. Not sure if the music is a little too loud compared with the rest of the audio, so do let me know and I can turn it down.

Hope you enjoy! 😀