2018 Make Nine

How has a year passed already since I made my 2017MakeNine list?! Well, it has. And it’s time for dundundun #2018MakeNine! This challenge/tag is my favourite; it gives me a great injection of inspiration.

This is a series from Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and is the maker version of the “Best Nine” tag made popular on Instagram a few years ago. As Rochelle explains in her 2018 Make Nine post, it’s a gentle challenge in which you identify nine items you would like to make during the year; whether that be sew, knit or really any kind of craft! There’s no deadline, you can join in without being on social media, and it’s flexible. In short: it’s whatever you want it to be.

You can also follow this tag on Instagram: #2018MakeNine. I really love looking at everyone’s choices!

Time for me to dive in to my choices, which are a mix of patterns and fabric from my stash; fabricless patterns; and some that I don’t even have the patterns for yet! I probably should’ve shopped my stash a little more, oops! As I did last year, for those I don’t yet have fabric for, I’ve had a go at choosing some but it is subject to change. The goal last year was to work towards a wearable, me-made wardrobe and I’m rather happy with the progress I’ve made towards that. This year continues along the same theme with a sprinkling of new-to-me skills and styles.Read More »