MMMay16, days 19-25

Time for the fourth instalment of MeMadeMay, which is actually 7 days instead of 6 as there was a repeat on consecutive days (or perhaps a fail in terms of me-made, depending on your view). Almost all of these makes are unblogged; I really need to sort that out! I’m toying with the idea of vlogs instead of photos, in an effort to get some of my many unblogged makes out there in the world. Thoughts? Anyway, let’s get to it.

MMMay16, days 13-18

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Sewaholic // Minoru LumberJacket

Didn’t think I’d see this day so soon; me having finally completed my Sewaholic Minoru jacket. Real talk: at points, I wasn’t even sure I’d see this day at all, the project seemed infinite! How I managed it is a bit of a mystery; all of a sudden last week, there was some supercharged sew-jo occurring and I moved from having zero sleeves sewn and the hood still unattached through to the finish line! Most of the (relative) pain with my Minoru was early on: getting to grips with the topstitching, the chunky zips and working with a fabric that was resisting being pinned like a mofo. The lining on the other hand was a pleasure, especially to touch. One of my work colleagues described the design as lumberjack-esque, hence my Minoru was christened the LumberJacket.

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Sneak peek: I MADE A JACKET! 

I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to ablogogise!

What I am going to do is feed the sewing swoon habit I know you have with a sneak peek photo of my (finally!) completed Sewaholic Minoru jacket, coming soon to the blog. And taken with my new mirrorless Olympus camera, shown in the next photo. #heywhatsuphello

And that’s not all the good stuff, for me at least. I woke up this morning to WordPress telling me there had been an unprecedented amount of traffic to my little corner of the internet (way to go to make a girl feel inadequate WP). Why? Because the awe-inspiring Madalynne had mentioned me in her Best Sewing Blogs 2016 post! A serious bout of sewing starstruck-ness (is that even a word?!) ensued. If that weren’t enough, it wasn’t until I began voting for my own favourites that I noticed I’d been featured in a category! WOAH! Blogger You’d Most Like To Meet. OK, mind=blown. I do hope everyone else is having a Monday as awesome as mine.


Sewaholic // Belcarra blouse 2.0

Back in February, I blogged my first Sewaholic Belcarra blouse, which I’d made 6 months prior to that, back when I was still very much learning a lot of the techniques involved. The end result was still a lovely blouse but I knew it was a pattern I wanted to tackle again, once I’d improved. And on Saturday, I finished off a Belcarra in a lovely viscose, which for some reasons reminds me of those little fruit salad sweets you could get in 10p mixes from the corner shop. I picked up the fabric from Ribes & Casals during a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain.

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