My bio? I grew up in a town north of Birmingham called Walsall. I spent almost a decade at university in Manchester specialising in physics and optics, finishing a PhD in 2012, before turning my attention to academic publishing, for which I upped sticks and moved to Bristol. A wonderful city should you ever have the opportunity to visit!

After ‘missing’ the intense nature of my research degree, I was on the lookout for a new hobby or skill I could learn which would occupy the spare time I’d begun to accumulate, but also entertain my mind alongside my job. So in January 2014, I began a sewing and dressmaking course at the local adult learning centre; The Bristol Folk House.

About this blog

I’ve been a blogger (in various different guises) for years, including my personal blog — also titled gingerella but over on Blogger and now largely defunct — and YouTube vlogs. As my love for creating items and garments from pieces of fabric continued to grow, and as my skills developed, I was craving a place dedicated to my sewing and dressmaking adventures. A place for me to share and interact with the sewing community. After a year of trying to integrate sewing and dressmaking into my personal blog, here I am!


This blog is a place for all my sewing and dressmaking projects: completed, planned and on-going; as well as ideas and thoughts related to the craft. I appreciate every single visitor and comment so please feel free to leave a few words. You can find me on social media or drop me an email using the little icons in the top right, up there.

I want more!

Head over to my FAQ page to get to know me better.


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