All About Agnes

You might have seen my first Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top during Me Made May 2016 but I really thought she deserved her own blog post because she’s pretty scrumptious! In fact, I’ve made two now: the first was a stripey Agnes with beautiful cotton spandex very kindly gifted to me by Sew Essential UK. The second is a navy, feathers Agnes using Art Gallery Fabric (AGF) purchased from SEWN. I’m still in the honeymoon period with jersey (wait, does that ever end?!) with jersey and there are definitely going to be more of these.


By Hand London // Georgia Dress

Remember those sewing and dressmaking classes I attended? All that sewing I said I was (going to be) doing? On my other blog, I even created a Sewing Saturday series and a sewing page. Well,now it’s time to revisit all of that here, on this new blog.

I’ve been wanting to share my sewing escapades with you lot for aaaaages! But only now — after moving house, trying to more effectively manage my time, lots of work (the day job!), some travel, and of course, procrastination — am I finally at a point where I can start doing that. And I’m really excited for you to see what I’ve made so far!

If you’d been reading my other blog, you’ve already heard about totes bags, cushions and more in the Sewing Saturday posts. But what I’d not shared, were any of the dressmaking projects I’d completed; a good number now! So that’s what’s I’m going to do.

Be warned: I’m a novice sewer, and certainly not a sewing blogger, of which there are many awesome examples! Also, I cannot promise excellent photography: the problem with trying to show off clothes is you have to wear them and get someone to take photos of you. Good ones. But I’ll try.

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