Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge

When I started following sewing blogs back at the start of my dressmaking journey in early 2014, I’d seen Colette Patterns’ Wardrobe Architect and was very intrigued. At that stage, I wasn’t of a suitable skill level to take part: still learning new techniques and selecting patterns based on what caught my eye. But when Colette Patterns launched the Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge in January, with Kristen at the helm, I recognised that I might now be ready to get involved. So I am!

wardrobe-architect-2015 (1)

The idea of the project is to create a wardrobe that really reflects who you are, whilst thinking about form and function. Participants focus on different elements each month, from identifying your key styles and taking an inventory of your wardrobe, to selecting colours and patterns, and finally to sewing and showing it all off! This is divided into spring/summer and autumn/winter — or capsule wardrobes — but you can be sewing throughout the year. Colette Patterns provide guidance and worksheets for completing each architectural stage of the process.

I’m confident this project will really help shape both my style and my wardrobe but also help make the process of selecting which patterns and when to sew them run more smoothly. Sometimes it’s that I’m stumped for an idea, or that I have too many and don’t know which one to choose! I’m all for increasing efficiency and saving time and money too so hopefully it will have a positive impact there.

Since I’m on the back foot a little, I shall be completing January and February together, in a post next week, which will cover finding my core style and exploring shapes, and cleaning out my current wardrobe and taking an inventory.

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