Seamwork Addison

Seamwork // Addison tank

Confession time: I am in love with Seamwork patterns! They’d been on my radar since the launch of their first issue back in December 2014 but I’d been a fool and not tried any. Until last month, when I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe! At only $6 a month, with 2 pattern vouchers each month to spend on any of the patterns, it was a bargain! I reiterate: what a fool I’d been for not trying this so far. Anyway, say hello to my very first Seamwork make, the Addison tank.

Seamwork Addison

That collar! ❤ I definitely prefer wearing it tucked in but here’s how it looks untucked.

Seamwork Addison

The stiffness of this cotton means it isn’t very drapey — which you can see more from the back — but this makes no difference to my love for the fabric or finished make. I also really like the thickness and roundness of the collar back.

Seamwork Addison

And tucked in again. These photos were taken the first time I wore it and it was a little more ‘poofy’. As the day went on, it relaxed a lot.

Seamwork Addison Seamwork Addison


I’d said in my first vlog — Fabric, patterns and sewing plans June 2016 — that I’d picked this up from the 2015 Knitting and Stitching Show in London last summer. Definitely true! But I have now discovered this was from the Fabrics Galore stand and they still have some on their website: Swiss Knot cotton available in white, grey and black, all £8/metre. It really is super soft so I certainly recommend it.

Sizing and cutting

I cut a size 0 but initially cut the length of the size 8 (my measurements are in the right hand sidebar).

Fitting and alterations
  • Full lining rather than just the facing, and I hemmed them both together
  • Reduced the side seams of the front and back by 1.5cm
  • Took ~4cm off the front hem
Pattern instructions

Seamwork pattern instructions are fab, the images are great and the method is described in detail. Almost everything was straightforward, the only exception being joining the lining and outer fabric at the armholes. The method used is called the burrito method and it melted my mind for a while (I’d even sewn it up wrong initially). I really couldn’t picture what I had to do in my mind but did work it out in the end. Luckily for you, Colette have since posted a great little video demonstration on their Instagram account.

I’ve had a few people ask me how I achieved the such a pointed collar. Seamwork issue 19 (which Addison was released with) has an excellent article on How to Make a Perfect Point. I use a combination of the First and Third Approach. I hope that helps!


Overlocking: Overlocked all the seams with white overlock thread
Topstitching: Standard topstitching on my regular machine


Basically my favourite top EVER right now. I’m having to control myself not to wear her everyday. There’s definitely going to be more in my future, and I shall choose fabric which continues to show off that beautiful collar. There are also other collar options: Peter Pan and Pussy Bow (for subscribers). Or at least, I swear that’s what I saw on their Instagram but I am struggling to find a link for either of these. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, do let me know in the comments. Ahhh here we go, the Peter Pan collar.

Working on…

My next vlog: June’s makes. Stay tuned for that! I’ve also used my second credit to purchase Adelaide (er hello, SNAPS!) so that’s on the horizon. With the release of this month’s issue, I have another 2 credits. Any suggestions from the pattern catalogue?


15 thoughts on “Seamwork // Addison tank

  1. Loved this top when you debuted it on IG. Love it still! Well done on the collar points. Thanks for sharing a thorough review on Seamwork patterns. I didnt realise you got 2 vouchers for patterns – I thought it was like Burda mags. I will give it a go when my Burda subscription runs out (trying to be prudent in a post brexit world). I have always liked the Astoria sweater from what I have seen on other blogs. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Hila! I don’t think I’d realised it either. When I saw the Addison, I simply had to have it so investigated further and then discovered the token system which I’d apparently missed. I’ve actually now cancelled Love Sewing magazine subscription as the free patterns are just not right for me, they’re better suited to beginners and the quality for me is subpar. Seamwork have also just announced their patterns will be layered so when you print, you can select which sizes you want. AMAZE!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been umming and ahhing about a Seamwork subscription for a while and your post has persuaded me! Like you and Hila I’d not really taken on board before that there were two free patterns every month! I’m signed up and now trying to decide which patterns to pick. Your Addison looks so lovely and fresh and the collar is beautifully sewn.


    • Thanks Jane! 🙂 So, perhaps Seamwork haven’t made the system entirely clear then? It seems like a great deal to me with some lovely patterns so I hope you get on well with it. Let me know what you decide to make and of course, I want to see how it goes!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the seam work patterns, so far nothings really grabbed me. But then I see the made up looking so pretty and star having g second thoughts….


  4. Quite partial to the classic York blouse myself. Good staple with lots of customisation options. That little playsuit is cute too!!

    Love your blouse! 💛


    • Thanks Marie! Oh yes, York and Layton are nice. I wonder if I should use the tokens for something a bit different e.g. a bag or a bra, but I imagine they’ll just sit in my pattern stash. They don’t expire so they can just sit there for a while until I decide. 😀


  5. Subscribers received an email mid-June with a link to download a pussy bow bonus pattern piece for the Addison. If you didn’t receive it, maybe you can contact them? It is worthwhile, since it’s really cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you Bonnie! And there it is, right there in my email. How did I miss that?! I have a mind like a sieve these days. You’re right, it does look really cute. I’m never too sure if a pussy bow blouse suits me, maybe if it’s not too big. Thanks for commenting!


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