Sewing Saturday and London’s Goldhawk Road

A late night post for you this evening so that I can truly call it Sewing Saturday.

And what a wonderful albeit tiring Saturday it has been. Myself and 10 other ladies from the different Bristol Folk House sewing and dressmaking classes carried ourselves off on the 8:30am coach from Bristol to London on a fabric-finding mission along Goldhawk Road in West London. This place is a fabric mecca and I think upon arrival at the tube station, most of us felt like this:

I’d prepared a loose shopping list based on some patterns, energised myself with a smoothie and chocolate based pastry, and we were off! Lunch happened in the middle but four hours after us descending upon Goldhawk Road, each of the ladies had made some beautiful choices. It was an awesome day! I managed to pick up five different fabrics with an idea in mind for four of them: two dresses, a blouse and snood. Cannot wait. Sadly, these hastily taken photos do not do them justice!

Oh, and in the sewing/dressmaking arena, these Colette patterns arrived on Thursday from How gorgeous is the packaging?! And with our day off on Friday, Amy and I went on an IKEA mission to construct a sewing corner. We were grinning from ear to ear for a couple of hours after we’d finished assembling and organising this.


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