2017 Make Nine

It’s that time again, where one looks forward to the new year ahead and begins making plans of what they’re going to fill it with.

30999306984_32c4333a8f_oLast year, I’d seen a challenge from Rochelle of Lucky Lucille that I thought was great: 2016MakeNine, and knew I definitely wanted to follow suit in 2017. Make Nine is Rochelle’s maker version of “Best Nine”; choosing your top or favourite nine Instagram posts that year. You can also follow this tag on Instagram: #2017MakeNine. It’s great to see how many have gotten involved so far!

The idea of Rochelle’s challenge is to select nine patterns or projects you’d like to sew during the year. These nine patterns aren’t designed to be the only things you’ll make during the year but instead, a plan to get you going and something to work towards. As she explains in her 2017 Make Nine post, her goal is to be flexible and forgiving. It’s not about failure, and it’s OK if you change your mind or alter  your plans.

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into my nine patterns for 2017, most of which are patterns I already have in my stash. I’ve had a go at pairing them with fabric, although most of that is not in my stash (sadly) but the fabric may well change.

1. Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak #patternstash
This is the newest pattern in my stash, and whilst many would say it is similar to the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket pattern — which I’ve already sewn — I just had to have the Kelly Anorak pattern. Also, my Minoru isn’t really warm enough nor waterproof so perhaps I can address that with this pattern. I’ve ordered some samples of this brushed cotton twill (pretty much all of the colours as well!) from Croft Mill, with a preference for this olive pictured, and similar to the pattern pictures. I want to underline it and was thinking of using brushed cotton/flannel but I’ve so far failed to find anything funky in either of those fabrics so it might have to be cotton with interlining added for warmth. Then I just need to get hold of all the hardware, my least favourite part of gathering supplies!


2. Sewaholic Fraser Sweatshirt #patternstash
I’ve had Fraser in my pattern stash for some time now, never started because I have been crippled by fabric indecision! But I have all the heart-eyes for this Atelier Brunette Twinkle Rose french terry, Fabrics Galore have some grey quilted sweatshirt fabric I’m partial to, and how cute is this Milk by Andrea Lauren organic sweatshirt fabric from Jelly Fabrics?! If I’m honest, I really want to recreate this.

quilted_jersey_grey_1024x1024 milk_1024x1024

3. Deer and Doe Cardamome Dress #patternstash
The Cardamome dress is all toiled and pretty much ready to go, with some minor changes to make. That is, I trimmed some off the side seams of the pattern, but on second thoughts, I want to add it back in, and potentially also want to shorten it a little. In an ideal world, I’d probably make it out of the fabric in the pattern photos (Cotton + Steel Sunrise Indigo cotton lawn) but after seeing Tifaine’s Melilot in Atelier Brunette Tabby cotton batiste, I knew it had to be that!


4. Taylor Tailor Desmond Backpack
Many of these choices are based on other sewists giving me make-envy, the Desmond roll top backpack is no exception. I already have some good bags and backpacks (all purchased) for travelling, carry-on and such like but basically, I fancy this one as well. Taylor Tailor also sell Desmond hardware kits in navy and black so I shall almost definitely be snapping one of those up! This inspiration from Jasika Nicole means I quite want to make it in a herringbone upholstery fabric, and am considering blocking some leather at the bottom for added durability. There is a good wool selection on Sew Over It, and there’s the Pandora’s box that is ebay with fabric like this colourful selection. Then there’s the matter of choosing the lining fabric. Yup, plans are still very much underway for this one! And I’m open to suggestions.

desmond-front-450x450 herringbone
snowdrift4 sl1600

5. McCalls M6696 Shirtdress #patternstash
McCalls M6696 has been sewn by everyone and their dog it seems and I picked the pattern up a while ago now. I’ve just been waiting for a fabric to jump out at me for it. This Robert Kaufmann Yarn Dyed Essex Linen from SEWN Bristol is a good candidate, I particularly like it in Chambray (pictured) but there is also a range with metallic threads woven in. Of course there’s good old Atelier Brunette Bye Bye Birdie in Blue Jean. And I’ve fallen in love with this Art Gallery Fabrics Triangle Token cotton voile, also from SEWN Bristol (it might not be opaque enough and need lining though?). I also really like this classic-looking version by Natuerlich Kreativ in a navy poplin. Andrea’s version removes the buttons from the skirt but I would keep them I think. I’m also inclined to curve the hem up at the side seams as I quite like that aesthetic.

m6696_01 432x432
fabric-bye-bye-birdie-blue-jean tissu-arizona-triangle-art-gallery-0

6. Pinafore dress / Dungaree dress
Well, Tilly’s Cleo dungaree dress really blew up didn’t it?! I can see why, as I’ve seen some great versions, even been tempted by it myself. But I must stay true to my style and I know I’d end up wanting to “fit it” in the waist area and it’s just not designed for that. I’ve wanted a dungaree dress for ages but am after a specific set of parameters for the pattern: a waistband, a more A line or flared skirt, and adjustable straps. Cleo has none of these. I was debating a myriad of options: using the Grainline Studio Moss Skirt and drafting my own bib; doing something with the Republique du Chiffon Danielle Overalls; hacking the Pauline Alice Turia dungarees into a dress (as described here); and tweaking the Marilla Walker dungaree dress from the Roberts Collection. But all of these would’ve required adjustments to achieve my desired result. And basically, I’m too lazy for all that.

Cue much Googling and eventual discovery of Simplicity 7006: a wide-leg overall and short jumper pattern (yup, the dungaree dress in view 1 is the ‘jumper’ apparently, perhaps coming from the word jumpsuit?). This pattern was nigh-on impossible to get hold off but alas, on Boxing Day I stumbled across my size for sale on ebay for ~£10 (including postage from California) from ebay seller oncillakat (who has a tonne of other vintage patterns!). In addition to my requirements, it has side pockets and button side closures, a lined bib and a front pocket (which I will likely change the shape of). My fabric choice? I have a metre of some Robert Kaufman 14 wale cotton corduroy in Merlot (pictured) which I’m hoping I can squeeze this out of. Watch this space!

simplicity7006_a_1975 350x350

7. Jersey pencil skirt
There’s probably many-a-pattern out there for jersey skirts, free ones even. But I’m either going to opt for McCalls M7331, which is a multipattern for knits including a skirt already in my stash, or Colette Mabel. For M7331, I would likely taper it more and for Mabel, I would make it longer than pictured here. I actually have several Seamwork credits which can now be used on Colette patterns, specifically three tokens for a Colette pattern. For the fabric, I have a few varieties of ponte leftover from various makes, including this Chevron Ivory Black Fukuro knit which I picked up from Joann’s when I was visiting Michigan, in the US, and subsequently used for a Seamwork Mesa dress. But if it goes well, I’m sure there will be others including some solid basic versions.


8. Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes #patternstash
The jury’s still out on which fabric to use for the Tania culottes (they’re also still debating whether I can actually wear culottes!?) but something drapey, of course. Either something snazzy to wear with basic tops, like this John Kaldor Hermione fabric from Sew Essential; or something basic to wear with snazzy tops, e.g. this medium weight crepe in red from Sew Essential (now that I’m all into red!) or triple crepe in purple from Sew Over It. What do you think?

cf_pres_redl_1 triple-crepe-chocolate-box-purple1

9. A quilt!
Now, if you follow me anywhere on social media, you’ll know I’m not a quilter, I don’t even own a rotary cutter! But I have been entertaining the idea of making a quilt recently. I’m quite particular about the style and, given that I adore designs involving funky uses of the spectrum (yup, the rainbow), when I saw the Alison Glass Ombre Tessellation, I knew I needed it. What I really want is to buy the £140 kit (yup, quilting can be expensive I guess?), which has the half-yard bundle of 19 (out of 20) fabrics that are included in the V and Co for Moda fabric range. However, it seems the half-yard bundle is completely unobtainable. Waaaah! I’ve contacted one store to see if they will be re-stocking it but I’m not hopeful. Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do. Perhaps choose another of Alison Glass’ fabulous quilt patterns? Or go for a more subdued triangle quilt, since it’s new to me and all that jazz. Still in the planning stages this one, and any advice welcome.

ombretesscoverrgb150jpg v_and_co_ombre_20_3

Phew! Well, that’s the lot. Of course, I already know these aren’t the only things I want to sew. For example, I want more Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans and Colette Moneta dresses, and I’m sure there will be pattern releases during 2017 that I simply must have! There’s also no cardigan pattern in here but I know for a fact I want at least one of those! But this is a great start for me and is the sort of wearable, me-made wardrobe I want to work towards.

Are you getting involved in #2017MakeNine? What will you make? Perhaps this challenge isn’t for you – check out some others on The Fold Line: Sewing challenges and hashtags to follow.

Please note: this post does not contain affiliate links. I do not receive anything as a result of you clicking any of the links.

35 thoughts on “2017 Make Nine

      • I think you’ve picked some beauts and I can see them all working on you! I’m planning on the Fraser and the shirtdress too. It IS hard to narrow it down isn’t it but as you say, it doesn’t have to be cast in stone. I want to do a hack on the Emerson crop trousers (narrowing slightly as well as lengthening); a midi layered skirt and a jersey dress…oh and a million other things. I’m trying to be organised – I have an Excel spreadsheet and everything! 😂😘

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Some great choices here Jen! I love the idea of planning ahead. I wrote down the next few patterns that were on my wish list in September and found it actually took some of the pressure off! Might have to join in this one….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Like your choices, I am thinking about my nine, I think 2017 will be the year of the knit. I have two courses to go on in the New Year, Moneta at Village Haberdashery and Coco at TATB both Christmas gifts. The local fabric store is running a six week dressmaking course which I am planning on doing a Rosa shirt dress as I have made a toile and need some help with a FBA to get the princess seams in a better place, I should be able to make something else in the six weeks as well. I hope SOI release the Francine jacket as a bit of tailoring would be good. I like the idea of a bag, Noodlehead has some fantastic ones I love the market tote that has some patchwork on it. I also would love to get into quilting but it seems a bit of a minefield and I don’t know where to start. I like that 9 items should be achievable and that it really helps to get organised.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Helena. Ah yes, those classes sound great, I really like Moneta. The 6 week dressmaking course sounds great as well! I’ve only briefly seen the Francine jacket but it did look nice from what I remember. Yes, noodlehead has lovely bags, I really like the Caravan Tote. You’re right, the world of quilting does seem like a bit of a minefield, what am I letting myself in for?!


  3. Great choices , Jen! I am curious how will the foray into quilting go. I have been toying with that for ages, so please share experiences, I am just as much of a beginner (though I do own a few rotary cutters :D).

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s if I actually pull them off! Can’t wait for Tabby to arrive either. *excited squeal* Did you say you were planning on having any of the AB knit or French terry? Think I might have to buy that Twinkle Rose, someway, somehow…


  4. Oooh, I really like your choices! We both have a bag and a quilt on our lists, we should do a quilt-along or a bag-along (if those are things!?) I also love the Kelly anorak and I’ll be excited to see your version as it seems pretty versatile and looks quite different in different fabrics and colours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amelia! Yay, we *should* have a quilt or bag-along. I also don’t know what that would consist of (and bag-along sounds a little strange maybe?) but we can come up with something I’m sure! I’m quite looking forward to get going with the Kelly anorak, just cannot decide on fabric for the inside! Snazzy flannel or fleece is hard to come by apparently. I did see Tilly lined her Grainline Cascade duffle coat with jersey fabric so I’m debating that (there are so many awesome jersey fabrics!), although for Kelly it would be underlining rather than a lining (as Kelly doesn’t have one, yet) so I’m not 100% sure it would work. *scratches head* Decisions, decisions!


  5. Thank you for your make 9 selections, I am finding them all a great way to get new inspiration for patterns. I too have sat back from the Cleo frenzy and wished for something more fitted at the waist & with pockets. I just haven’t got around to searching for the right pattern and it seems you have saved me the time! I started back on my sewing path by quilting and bag making, they are both very satisfying to do, I have always gone off piste with my quilting and not used a pattern but when I go to the knitting and stitching show in Brum, I am always tempted by some of The Cotton Patch’s pre-made packs. We do have a few places that specialise in quilting here in Bristol if you are interested. As for bagmaking, Noodlehead and U-handbag are good sites for patterns, I have one of the U-handbag pattern books if you want a browse, I like to make my bags/purses/pouches out of old denim and scraps from dressmaking as I can’t bear to waste anything. Happy New Year Jen, I look forward to seeing what you make in 2017 & thanks for the inspiration in 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Tracy! Oh you’re welcome, it’s great to hear you’ve found inspiration from the post. Definitely glad to help you save time too; which pattern interests you the most? Oh yes, I’d be interested to hear of the quilting places in Bristol. When I’m learning something new, I always tend to go with a pattern of some kind, then I find it easier to start deviating once I’ve gotten the basics. Oh yes, I really like the noodlehead Caravan tote but I’d not heard of U-handbag so will have to peruse that. Using scraps is a great idea; I have plenty of those! Happy New Year to you too, and I look forward to sharing my makes with you in 2017!


  6. Ooh I think this is my favourite makenine yet! I love your pattern choices though I really wish you had posted that atelier brunette French terry, I’m sooo tempted by the grey version now! I’m still planning what to sew this year, and trying to finish off some UFO’s first. Re quilting advice, I made my first quilt at the start of 2016 and am now totally addicted. I also started with a triangle quilt but used See Kate Sews ombré triangle quilt which looks a lot simpler than the one you have picked, though it is gorgeous! I’d definitely recommend it as a beginner project. Suzy Quilts website is also a great resource and has good tutorials. Also if you look through your stash I bet you have lots of bits and pieces of fabric that would work in a quilt with maybe just a few new purchases so bulk it out and keep the cost down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thanks Kathryn! Atelier Brunette fabric is so delicious, isn’t it? I’m such a fan girl! Finishing UFOs is a good plan; I would consider both the Deer and Doe Cardamome and the jersey pencil skirt in that category, otherwise I don’t have anything else unfinished right now (hopefully that’s not a lie and I’ve somehow forgotten them!). Oh no, don’t tell me you got addicted to quilt making haha! I can’t afford to add something else to my list of addictions. Ah yes, I’d seen the SeeKateSew ombre triangle quilt on Pinterest but didn’t realise it was an actual pattern; I might give that a go first, thank you! And wow, how beautiful are the patterns on the Suzy Quilts website?! I really like the Indian Summer Quilt Pattern. *drool* Thank you so much for sharing. 😀


  7. I love seeing other people’s make9 choices and seeing new patterns. I’m planning the M6696 shirt dress too after seeing other people’s versions. Bit late now but you might like the Kwik Sew K4138 pinafore. I like the Cleo but I’m very pear shaped so not sure it would suit me. Anyway, looking forward to seeing them made 😊


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